Chef Robo aka Robert Hanechak will use over 14 years of kitchen experience to teach you, in your own kitchen, to prepare a meal guaranteed to impress, whether your culinary goal is meatloaf or coq au vin.

He will guide you through shopping, accurate knife skills and cooking techniques.

Who: Chef Robo is Robert Hanechak, professional chef trained under David Bouley, Jeremy Marshall of Aquagrill, Nobuyuki Matsuhisa of Nobu, just to name a few…

What: A private lesson in your own kitchen consisting of 3 to 5 hours of instruction (lesson length dependent upon your creative ambitions).
NOTE: First hour of first lesson will focus on accurate knife skills, the cornerstone of creating anything in the kitchen.

Where: Chef Robo will gladly travel to your home within Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.

When: At your convenience

Why: Learning to provide a professional quality home-cooked meal is an invaluable skill.

How: Email or call my assistant at 631-327-5111 with the following information:
-your preferred appointment day & time
-a brief description of your culinary goal with Chef Robo
-the best time & method to contact you